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Halina Jarosz-Renaud

      Welcome to my world of art! My journey started years ago as a way to heal from the grief of my mother’s passing. After several years of studying artistic technique under the guidance of accomplished instructors, my love for art blossomed. Over time, I have learned to paint, draw, and craft from my inner sense of joy, allowing the medium to guide me to the right colors and expression. When creating, I express my spirit through the works that I create. My love of nature, animals, angels and people is my inspiration for my art. 


       I love to work in pencil and watercolor pencil as a medium, but also enjoy creating wreaths and other crafts. Most important, every piece I create is endowed with my love and blessings. I am honored to be able to share my work with others, with a smile and a prayer for your happiness and enjoyment.

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