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Christine Holbrook

     I am Christine, the older one of the twins. Along with my sister, I look forward to sharing my art with you.  As individuals, we each have our own unique methods for drawing, painting and crafting, sometimes even blending our work together on a project.

     My love of beauty and art has been with me since I was a child.  Color was an important part of our Polish heritage, and we experienced it often in the form of sequins, crystals and ribbons. Over the years, I translated my love of color onto paper, canvas and even Easter eggs and then began to sign my name as Krysia, which is my name in Polish. 

     For the past decade, my love for painting has been expressed through  acrylic and mixed mediums which has allowed the little girl inside of me to play - hurray!  As a self-taught artist, I put my love into every piece of art I create. I enjoy painting inspiring vistas for everyone. When the magic happens on the canvas, my soul smiles and I am filled with pure bliss. So come and enjoy, and perhaps gift a print to someone you love . 



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